Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Weekday Blast Continues...!

Make the most of the autumn evenings and join us for a weekday blast around Langdon Hills and Hylands Park!

The Weekday Blast around Codham was so popular that we are going to run one weekday event in the build up to Langdon Hills and two weekday events in the build up to Hylands Park. The Weekday Blast is not a race and you will therefore not be timed, given a number or competing for a podium position – it is simply an opportunity for you to learn the course, practice your skills, develop your fitness and socialise with friends. Riding will begin at 6pm, but do not worry if you miss the start as we will be back at the start point every 20 minutes to guide new people around the course (course closes at 7:30pm, Park gates close at 8pm).
Weds 15th September 2010 - Langdon Hills
Weds 22nd September 2010 - Hylands Park
Weds 29th September 2010 - Hylands Park