Monday, 26 July 2010

The Weekday Blast: Codham Park

Make the most of the summer and join us for a weekday blast around Codham Park

Just a quick reminder that ‘The Weekday Blast’ starts this Wednesday (28th July). The Weekday Blast will provide you with an opportunity to ride sections of the Codham Park course prior to the main event on Sunday 15th August. We will also provide you with an opportunity to practise your mass starts at 7pm, but do not worry if you miss the start or would prefer not to start on mass as you can join the course anytime from 19:05 to 20:15 (course closes at 20:30).

For more information and to register please click here.

Below are some pictures of Billy Whenman riding the course / providing feedback back in May...

Look forward to seeing you this Wednesday,