Tuesday, 22 September 2009

An apology

Further to our apology on Sunday – the race organisers would like to formally apologies to all riders at Langdon Hills for the timing system failure, which meant despite having all the results we were unable to announce the winners of the race, the series and the Eastern Region MTB League. We take your times very seriously and are working hard to rectify the problem.

As it stands – the current situation is this:

Tuesday: Provisional Langdon Hills results published on MSG website and await feedback from riders.

Wednesday: Finalise Langdon Hills results

Thursday - Develop Series / League Standings

Monday: Publish Series and League Standings (we hope to get them online before Monday but we cannot guarantee this as they need to be reviewed by third parties).

With the results announced and finalised the Series Director will coordinate the Langdon Hills, MSG Series and Eastern Region MTB League podium as promised where £400 worth of Herongate Cycles vouchers will be presented to the Langdon Hills winners, £1000 worth of Danbury Cycles vouchers will be presented to the series winners and trophies presented to winners of the Eastern Region MTB League. Photos and press releases from the podiums will also be published on the website.

To reiterate - we take the responsibility of timing very seriously and are working hard to rectify the current situation and taking proactive steps towards ensuring the timing issues riders have faced are not continued at future events. We hope that despite this however– you had a positive riding experience at Langdon Hills and are keen to continue to support the Series.